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Threat Intelligence Resources - Targeted Attacks

Trend Micro researchers looked into the way attackers use backdoors to command and control their target networks.


IT administrators need to know where to check for signs of a targeted attack and what to look for.

How far is enterprise perception on their targeted attack preparedness from reality?


The PLEAD campaign is the second attack to target entities in Taiwan in the first half of 2014. Taiwanese agencies were also targeted in May using a Microsoft Word zero-day vulnerability.
In an ideal world, executives and employees trust that their IT administrators will go out of their way to protect the organization's information. However, even IT admins are prone to misconceptions that leave the organizations vulnerable to attacks.
The latter half of 2013 lay witness to two new targeted attack campaigns: BLYPT, which hosts its servers in Romania and Turkey, and Esile, which targets government agencies in APAC to execute remote commands.

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