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Threat Intelligence Resources - Targeted Attacks & Security Threats

Sophisticated. Targeted.

Attacks this quarter targeted government entities.

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Attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and targeted. Targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats in the second quarter relied on human and systemic weaknesses to compromise organizations. In order to properly address and mitigate potential attacks, enterprises must apply threat intelligence and understand the value of protecting their data.

The second quarter of 2013 saw several attacks targeting government agencies in Asian countries. Relying on human and systemic weakness, these attackers mostly used malicious file attachments and vulnerabilities to compromise organizations.

Targeted Incident Highlights

Stay updated with the latest incidents and news about targeted attacks

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Security Reports

Learn more about securing organizations from targeted attacks

2Q Report on Targeted Attack Campaigns

We encountered a variety of targeted campaigns in the second quarter of the year, including the EvilGrab campaign, which targeted diplomatic agencies around the world. Learn more details about the campaign and other targeted attacks.

Data Exfiltration: How do Threat Actors Steal Your Data?

Targeted attacks strive to remain undetected in the network in order to gain access to the company’s crown jewels or valuable data. Learn about the legitimate and malicious tools and techniques attackers often use to extract specific data from an organization.


Security in Detail

Learn more about the tactics, tools, and strategies used in malicious attacks through our infographics.

The Danger of Compromise

Threat actors use a variety of tools and legitimate computer features to gain higher access privileges.



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