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Threat Intelligence Resources - The Internet of Everything

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is a concept that connects things, people, processes, and networks through the Internet. Designed to improve the way cities, industries, and people live today, this involves assigning digital identifiers to everyday objects such as wearable devices and home appliances, giving users new ways to connect, interact, and share. The IoE also holds the potential to be a driving force behind large critical infrastructures across cities and industries.

While it unlocks new possibilities for sharing and connectivity, those who benefit from IoE could also be open to attacks against it. Securing it from potential threats should be a top priority as multiple players join the IoE ecosystem.

Using a smartphone as the centralized remote hub for an automated home means that all the security threats inherent in the platform could affect the home itself. Here are examples of these threats and how they could affect the automated home.
While network-connected smart grids and meters bring new, convenient features to the table, they also expose consumers to cybercrime. Here, we present the various scenarios by which smart meters can be attacked.
Soon after news of a smart TV hack prompted a closer look into the Internet of Everything, Internet-enabled LED lightbulbs made by the crowdfunded startup LIFX have been found to be at risk of revealing Wi-Fi passwords.
The Internet of Everything may be the current mega trend for buyers and vendors of smart systems and gadgets. However, Trend Micro CTO Raimund Genes warns IoE users and developers alike to keep data security in mind.
Signs operated by the North Carolina Department of Transportation were recently compromised by a hacker who changed them to read “Hacked by Sun Hacker Twitt Wth Me.” The incident has opened up talks on potential vulnerability issues to critical infrastructure.
Smart grids are power grids with digital capabilities. Given the widespread control smart grids hold over public utilities, attackers are likely to target them to gain power or extort money.
Smart meters are already installed in many cities across the globe. As more homes are installed with smart meters, homeowners should be aware of the possible risks they may bring.

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