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In our 2014 Predictions, we said that we might see at least one major data breach per month. Unfortunately, this has come true. So far, we've seen a series of major data breaches with varying, but definite, impact on all those involved. In some of the latest cases, the customers – consumers – will need to secure their accounts by updating their password. We've discussed issues surrounding password management in the past – its weaknesses, advantages, and importance.
Risks from Within: Learning from the Amtrak Data Breach
A recent report published by Amtrak’s Office of the Inspector General revealed that an employee of the passenger rail company had been selling passenger data to the DEA for two decades without being noticed. How the breach was identified wasn't disclosed, but what can we learn from this incident?
The Importance of Password Security

  • Passwords: Not Going Away Anytime Soon

    While it’s true that passwords are not the most convenient way of authenticating yourself and that they're inherently insecure, we should not be so quick to dismiss them.

  • Password (In)security, Revisited

    These latest data breach incidents teach us that people are still using woefully insecure passwords. Here are a few tips on how to improve your password security.

  • The Trouble With Passwords

    Password security has always been about balancing what people can remember and what’s difficult for attackers to guess. Today's computing environment is making it harder to balance.

  • Fingerprint Scans, Passwords, and Managing Online Accounts

    How new mobile technology, such as the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 5S, is addressing the "password problem"
Advice for Small Businesses
Is Your Business at Risk of Losing Data?
Here are 5 Security Risks You Should Be Aware Of
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Advice for Enterprises
For enterprises, this is a reminder of an all-important fact: that they are primary targets of data breaches. Companies, especially those related to retail like eBay, have information that cybercriminals find very valuable, so it is very critical for them to secure their networks and the data they store within them.
Behind the Breach

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