TrendLabsSM 2Q 2014 Security Roundup

Turning the Tables on Cyber Attacks

Responding to Evolving Tactics

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The second quarter of 2014 proved this was also true for the security landscape, which affected today’s digital world.

Adopters and industry stakeholders all laid witness to wave after wave of technological development and mega trend. We are rapidly moving toward knowing the answer to the big question, “What happens next?”

Cybercriminals are developing more complex malware, bigger product/service flaws are being found but only a few are patching, and devices are becoming more advanced while attacks close in.

But security industry players are not resting on their laurels. We continued to work with law enforcement agencies so those responsible would be arrested. We have seen how organizations responded to attacks, which yielded varying results.

Take a closer look at what this quarter was like, as various industry players turned the tables on cyber attacks:

   •     The biggest bug found to date—Heartbleed—prompted a wide range of product/service providers to urge their customers to change account passwords and fast.

   •     Household names showed their breadth of attack readiness with data breach and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack responses that ranged from the well-thought-out to the highly impractical.

   •     We at Trend Micro, meanwhile, partnered with U.S., U.K., and Japanese law enforcement agencies to battle cybercrime, which disrupted the GameOver botnet, led to the arrest of a SpyEye hacker, and caused the demise of a local cybercriminal operation, respectively.