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5 results in Threat Encyclopedia: “opfake”
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This Trojan may arrive using one or multiple arrival methods. Arrival DetailsThis Trojan arrives via the following means: cover itself as normal app to attract user installing it.
This is the malware associated with the fake WhatsApp notification. Once users click on the Play button in the said email, they are lead to a multi-platform malware that can execute on Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
...malware market growing even bigger. OPFAKE/Boxer malware are considered the...showed that the number of detected OPFAKE/Boxer variants doubled since the...smartphones. The MTK botnet and the OPFAKE family are proof that mobile botnets...
...infected with <a href="">ANDROIDOS_OPFAKE.CTD</a>.</p> <br> <br> <p>Multiplatform...;/li> <li>BOXER</li> <li>KMIN</li> <li>OPFAKE</li> <li>TROJSMS</li> <li>GINMASTER</li> <li...

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