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4 results in Threat Encyclopedia: “jifake”
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...Once installed, an icon named ‘JimmRussia’ appears in the phone menu. Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.Jifake.f (Kaspersky), Trj/Jifake.A (Panda) e0cb03c41866106e08f0605587becf98 c8206f9e34f1ff793ede0d6367b6d25d792fa98e |2,700,420...
...jimm2 As a result, the user is billed for these unauthorized premium rate service subscriptions. Trojan-SMS.J2ME.Jifake.e (Kaspersky) b409db1963de4287feb542377b0fe3a1 0c20f26507a464ce7a0a4bee24f2c4e810eae358 |94, 685
This Trojan may be dropped by other malware. It arrives as a component bundled with malware/grayware/spyware packages. Arrival DetailsThis Trojan may be dropped by other malware.> <li>GEINIMI</li> <li>SMSAGENT</li> <li>JIFAKE</li> </ol> <p></p><br> <p align="center...

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