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3004 results in Threat Encyclopedia: “TROJ_DLOADER”
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...Windows%\ms1.exe - detected as TROJ_DLOADER.ALS %Windows%\tool3.exe - detected as TROJ_DLOADER.BAT %Windows%\tool2.exe - detected as TROJ_DLOADER.BAU %Windows%\toolbar...
...Trojan connects to a certain URL to download several files. Trend Micro detects these files as TROJ_DLOADER.CTO, TROJ_DLOADER.ATE, TROJ_DLOADER.ATF, and TROJ_AGENT.ANH.
...exe - detected by Trend Micro as TROJ_DLOADER.BIU search.exe - detected by Trend Micro as TROJ_DLOADER.BAY tibs.exe - detected by Trend Micro as TROJ_DLOADER.BIT tool.exe - detected by... malicious files detected by Trend Micro as follows: TROJ_PROSCKS.AG TROJ_PROSCKS.AF TROJ_GAMETHIE.EU TROJ_DLOADER.AAAG TROJ_PROSCKS.AC DIAL_CBHQ TSPY_ONLINEG.RMH TSPY_GAMPASS.EU It saves the downloaded files in the...
...connects to several Web sites to download and execute other malware that are detected by Trend Micro as the following: TROJ_DLOADER.AJP TROJ_SMALL.AQH TROJ_SPYWAD.J TROJ_VIXUP.B TROJ_VIXUP.D
...other sites, where this Trojan downloads any of the following malware onto an affected system: TROJ_AGENT.ASX TROJ_DLOADER.BGQ TROJ_ZLOB.CJ TROJ_SMALL.BAL TROJ_SPYRE.C It then saves its downloaded malware as VOI{Random number... download, from several Web sites, the following grayware and malware into a system: DIAL_MAXD.A TROJ_DLOADER.JQ TROJ_DLOADER.OH TROJ_LOWZONES.BZ TROJ_PSWPINCH.A This Trojan also creates a registry entry to ensure its automatic...
...found, it checks if a certain URL is active before downloading files. Trend Micro detects these files as: TROJ_DLOADER.ATW TROJ_DLOADER.CNY TROJ_ADCLICKR.AJ TROJ_DRSMARTL.AA TROJ_CLICKER.JD TROJ_VB.AHD
...following Trend Micro-detected malware from the Web site http://traff{BLOCKED} and executes them onto an affected system: TROJ_AGENT.BUW TROJ_CWS.AH TROJ_DLOADER.BMC TROJ_SMALL.BQD TROJ_TINY.BB
...sites. Upon execution, it attempts to download and execute files, which are detected by Trend Micro as the following malware and grayware: ADW_DCTOOLBAR.H ADW_UCMORE.E TROJ_CLICKER.II TROJ_DLOADER.ATW TROJ_DLOADER.CAV

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