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2 results in Threat Encyclopedia: “OSX_RSPLUG.B”
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Alias:ARC:UDIF, ARC:[disk image (Apple_HFS : 2)]:HFS+, ARC:[disk image (Apple_HFS : 2)/Archive.pax.gz]:GZIP, ARC:[disk image (Apple_HFS : 2)/Archive.pax.gz/Archive.pax]:CPIO, ARC:[disk image (Apple_HFS : 2)/Archive.pax.gz/Archive.pax/. /Mozillaplug. MacCinema installers. OSX_HELLRTS.A: Arrives as a fake iPhoto installer that had backdoor capabilities. OSX_RSPLUG.B: Displays a MacCinema installation graphical user interface (GUI). OSX_OPINIONSPY.A: Bundled with screensavers...

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