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4 results in Threat Encyclopedia: “HORSMY”
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HORSMY variants are backdoors that are capable of receiving commands from a malicious user. Also, this malware family has the capability to gather system information such as the...
This backdoor is capable of sending system information to a remote server. If a connection to the server is established, it may download, upload or execute arbitrary files into the system.
This backdoor may be dropped by other malware.As of this writing, the said sites are inaccessible. Arrival DetailsThis backdoor may be dropped by the following malware: TROJ_ARTIEF.
...template-exploit-used-in-targeted-attacks-likely-sold-underground.jpg" />A pattern emerges from the document exploits recently used by HORSMY, ESILE, FARFLI, and other targeted campaigns. Likely sourced in cybercriminal underground markets, this template exploit...

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