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Malware type: Trojan
Threat sub-type: Information Stealer, Malicious Downloader, Spying Tool
Destructive: No
Platform: Android OS
Infection Count: 1
In the wild: Yes

Technical Details

File size: 3543345 bytes
Memory resident: Yes
Initial samples received date: 08 Nov 2012

This is the Trend Micro detection for 3rd-party apps infected with malicious code known as KSAPP. Once executed, the app may download possibly malicious files from the following URLs:

  • http://{BLOCKED}y.{BLOCKED}
  • http://{BLOCKED}n.{BLOCKED}
  • http://{BLOCKED}
The remote script may perform the following:
  • Download other malicious APK
  • Prompt users to install the downloaded APK
  • Popup website to users
  • Invoke more extended API through remote control script.


Minimum scan engine: 9.300
First VSAPI Pattern File: 1.359.00
First VSAPI Pattern Release Date: 30 Jan 2013

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Analysis By: Veo Zhang

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