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Get a quick glimpse on the reality of online threats, or visualize the impact of an attack or security event, with these visual representations of user behavior, threat statistics, and best practices for home users and organizations.

What the Race to Security Survey Says

We held a quick survey to find out what kind of sports fans our Race to Security site visitors are. This is an infographic showing the quiz results.

Date posted: Jul 10 2014

Simple to Smart Living

The key to enjoying the switch to "smarter" living is to understand you new gadgets' capabilities and limitations. See how the Internet of Everything makes life a lot easier.

Date posted: Jul 1 2014

Trend Micro Endpoint Security Technology Evolution

Today's threats to IT security are no longer confined to malware infections. Individual and enterprise consumers need a security solution that not only protects them completely, but also one that evolves with the threats as they come.

Date posted: Jun 27 2014

Spring Forward with Social Media

Much like tidying up our homes, spring also calls for cleaning up and organizing our online accounts and devices.

Date posted: Apr 14 2014

Empowering Endpoint Security: Application Control

Enterprise threats continue to rise in levels of volume and sophistication. Application Control is one way to ensure that all endpoints are secure.

Date posted: Mar 31 2014

Split Screen: Separating Corporate from Personal Data on Mobile Devices

The Bring-Your-Own-Device trend sparks issues of data protection and privacy in the workplace. As more devices come into the enterprise, IT administrators struggle to find the balance between device control and freedom.

Date posted: Feb 24 2014

New Technology, New Threats

New and exciting technology is on the horizon, potentially offering cybercriminals new opportunities to strike. Using them securely should be a main priority.

Date posted: Jan 30 2014

Ahead of the Game

People can use gaming consoles to watch movies, surf the Internet, and listen to music. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are also entering the gaming field to steal data.

Date posted: Dec 13 2013

Malware Profile: DOWNAD

Since 2009, DOWNAD (also known as CONFICKER) has been recorded as one of the top threats affecting businesses and consumers alike. Find out how this worm wriggles its way into your computer and what you can do to protect your computer.

Date posted: Nov 21 2013

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