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How To Use SysClean Package


Trend System Cleaner (SysClean) package is a stand alone tool that incorporates the Trend Micro VSAPI Malware and Trend Micro Damage Cleanup Engine and Template.

This tool has the following features:

  • Terminates all detected malware instances in system memory
  • Removes malware registry entries
  • Removes malware entries from system files
  • Scans for and deletes all detected malware copies in all local drives

To download the SysClean package, please click here.

How To Use SysClean:

  1. Create a temporary folder and extract SYSCLEAN.ZIP into this folder.
    (Note: This temporary folder should be created on a local or mapped drive.)
  2. Download latest malware (lpt$vpn.XXX) pattern files.
  3. For file infectors, you may need to restart system in Safe Mode or as advised.
  4. Run the executable file, SYSCLEAN.COM, by either:
    • Double-clicking the tool in Windows Explorer.
    • Executing it via command prompt.
  5. Restart system in Normal Mode.
  6. Enable any antivirus software that is installed in the system and perform a manual scan.

Generated Logs:

The following logs generated in its current folder can be used to check the modification performed by this tool:

  1. SYCLEAN.log

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