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Trend Micro Rescue Disk


Note: Trend Micro Rescue Disk does not work on the following:

-RAID storage set-up

-SCSI connected HDD


1. Mount Trend_Micro_Rescue_Disk.iso (download link)

2. Boot machine to CD/ISO.


3. Select Advanced Options


4. Select Option 1 -  MBR Cleanup


5. Confirm MBR cleanup by selecting “YES”.


6. After MBR cleanup, restart computer by pressing Enter key and then reboot to CD/ISO


7. Select Remove Threats


8. Select Full scan


9. Wait for the scan to finish


10. After Trend Micro Rescue Disk scan, reboot back to OS by choosing the option below:





To verify if cleanup was successful:

1.     Check windows directory for {Random Filname}.{random extention}                 

(example: C:\WINDOWS\adfs.msp)

2.     Use IPCONFIG /DISPLAYDNS à To check for XPAJ DNS related queries, you can export it to notepad to see if there are unknown/XPAJ queries.



How to gather Trend Micro Rescue Disk Logs to TrendLabs (if requested):

-          Logs are located at C:\ drive after finishing running the tool.

1.     TMRescueDisk folder for RescueDisk


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