TrendLabs 1Q 2013 Security Roundup

Zero-Days Hit Users Hard at the Start of the Year

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What’s Old Is New Again

Old threats are making a comeback, but always with something new in tow. Despite additional layers of protection in the form of sandboxing, cybercriminals continued to exploit bugs in all-time favorite application targets. Botnets that were thought dead got a new lease on life. Threats known to target only computers in the past are also starting to plague their handier counterparts—mobile phones and tablets. And tried-and-tested RATs are making their presence felt over and over again.

Vulnerabilities and Exploits

Timeline of Adobe and Java Exploit Attacks Since Adobe Reader X
Even Adobe’s protected mode wasn’t enough to keep the vendor’s product users safe from ever-enterprising hackers.


Top 10 Countries with the Most Number of Botnet C&C Servers
Overall Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ Numbers
A third of the botnet C&C servers as of April 10, 2013 were located in the United States.
Note that the hosting country is not necessarily the location of the threat actor.
Trend Micro protected product users from an average of 2,400 threats per second this quarter.

Mobile Threats

Mobile Phishing Site Types Detected
Proof that cybercriminals always go where the money is, financial-related sites were most spoofed even in the mobile space.
The data in this figure refer to the number of malicious URLs that pointed to sites with mobile-related keywords.

APTs and Targeted Attacks

FAKEM Versus RARSTONE: RAT Techniques
Despite certain differences in routine, both FAKEM and RARSTONE present novel ways to remain undetected by most anti-malware solutions.